South Africa live web video streaming conferences & events

Epnet Live stream your Event from anywhere in South everywhere in the world! Tel: Gordon +27 11 807 4034

Live web streaming company

We broadcast live events from South Africa…to the World! We are a technology company, outside of the national broadcasters, in South Africa who provide live video streaming for your next video conference or live event.

With HTML5 and new web streaming technology your conference can be beamed all around the world so colleagues and partners are able to attend simply by going to their web browser. Our video broadcasts by Epnet Live with a few words from Gordon Barker SEO of Epnet Live, "we are a live streaming company who believes that in future websites will have less anonymity if companies want to be more social and consequently being seen as more trustworthy nothing beats video on the web to display who you are to develop a connection with your audience by including web video, YouTube and live streaming as part of your web strategy." "No matter if you are not the worlds best presenter. Your presentation is not meant to be anything but an honest representation. The Internet is all about trust their is no stronger message you can send visitors to your site than with a message from your MD as an example. In your daily work you may come face to face with customers and web video is no different to that. Their your tears, your emotions and their wonderful. Their your stories, your goose bumps, your products and your business for the world to see live from your website. Epnet Live Streaming prices unlike any other ask for a quote. We record and stream in HD our media format is MP4 for your marketing promotions, conferences or weddings. "