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Live Events web streaming video for company brand promotions is the 2nd largest search engine used by South Africans.


Video is the Next BIG THING on the web in South Africa!

You don’t need me tell you how much marketing has changed and how fast things are going. Although you might want to know where it’s all heading. When it comes to getting the edge on online marketing, video is where it’s at! The easiest way to attract attention, inform your visitors and build website trust.

People love videos (and hate reading).

Studies show 60 percent of consumers will watch a video before they read any text at all. Even when consumers read text, most are simply skimming to find what applies to them.

Live streaming has gone way beyond video chat, music, webinars and “lifecasting” — the broadcast of someone’s daily life for all the world to see. It’s now also focusing on huge events that thousands can watch and enjoy simultaneously on computers and mobile devices. Now everyone in South Africa in 2014 can become a broadcaster using Epnet’s streaming video services! Live Streaming represents the cornerstone of our services. We can seamlessly record, broadcast and archive your content in real time with our STREAMING technology. We film and broadcast your event pre-recorded or live to all devices, desktop, and mobile.

Predication for 2014 – 2016

Mobile will truly become the first screen
“Mobile video is predicted to increase 25-fold between 2014 and 2016, accounting for over 70 percent of total mobile data traffic by the end of the forecast period, according to Cisco.” With live video, Epnet has launched a new category of business information enabling a true cross-media picture of how your brand is being discussed and the impact on your business.

The advantages of live video streaming:

Events Live Streaming Internet Video can generate a larger audience Any event has geographical and physical restrictions no matter where it is. Streaming events and content live on the web makes it accessible to a country wide and worldwide audience. This means attendance to your website content can surpass any capacity limitations a physical event would have.


A free live stream could allow you to interact with new clients and create new business opportunities, while you could also charge for access to your stream, which could bring in extra revenue. Don’t forget if your stream is of a physical event you would be able to charge both an admission fee for the physical attendees and another for online attendees.Maybe everyone who could possibly benefit from the training, conference, product launch, or awards program is in the room that day. However, if you think there may be one or two individuals or thousands who would like to take part in the event but due to space, time, or money were not able to be involved, consider live streaming over the internet. Anyone is a publisher now. A publisher with unprecedented and unlimited channels, media, devices and connections at his/her disposal.


Attracting new customers

  • Live streams are a great way of boosting interaction between you and your potential clients. If your content is interesting to individuals in your niche or just a curious topic to outsiders you will be given the opportunity to engage with prospective clients who previously may not have thought about contacting you.
  • Stand out from the crowd Streaming live events and content could give your brand or business a fantastic point of differentiation.
  • Online sales or auctions Live stream to your audience from your premises and offer merchandise they can just phone or send you an SMS to bid. Sales are confirmed immediately while customers are watching.

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