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We broadcast your live event from South Africa…to the World!

We are a technology company in South Africa who provide live video streaming no matter how big or small you are for your next video conference or live event.

With HTML5 and new web streaming technology your conference can be beamed from your venue all around the world so colleagues and partners are able to attend simply by going to their web browser. Epnet Live Streaming with over 170 hours of live streaming this year alone. We make it easy to enhance your special occasion, make it cheaper and reach a wider audience. Recording a live stream can be used as a sales tool which enhances company presentations or at a company workshop or conference. We provide a team with portable gear to handle video production, WiFi, audio/lighting and on-site encoding at your event. Our mobile studio is an 'Edit Studio' in a box so you get a hard copy of the event immediately afterwards, (you don't wait weeks for the recorded video to be delivered to you). We can film, with up to four cameras, edit live and stream live. We also provide a one camera solution if you require a simple production.

Epnet Live Streaming prices unlike any other ask for a quote. We record and stream anywhere in South Africa in HD, (the only venue we cannot offer is on Mars just yet) for your marketing promotions, conferences or weddings at your venue of choice, rural in the bush-veld or urban city location. Getting back to earth streaming to Facebook, YouTube or your own website Epnet Live even create a broadcast web page specifically for you.

Facebook Live Streaming

How have other brands used livestreaming? Companies are now using Facebook to engage their audience click here to see a live stream for a promotion for BelVita Biscuits